impacket not working after an update of a Kali guest

This is what I get: # python Traceback (most recent call last): File " -

But I have Crypto and pycrypto installed. I’ve obviously tried to update everything, tried reinstalling both Crypto and pycrypto, as well as reinstalling python.

Maybe others also got this issue?

Anyway, if someone knows of a solution, I’m all ears.

Have you tried pip install pycryptodome?

@raiden99 Did you ever get this fixed? Just encountered the same issue.

EDIT: I ended up fixing it by renaming all imports in impacket from “Cryptodome” to “Crypto” which isn’t ideal but it worked.

I fixed it by reinstalling impacket from the git repo. Dependency / module issues were resolved automatically. Once cloned run pip install . in the master directory.