Another "Idiot stuck on Archetype" post

I’ve been following through the guide on Archetype, but got stuck on the Impacket step, where I get the most unhelpful
[-] [('SSL routines', 'state_machine', 'internal error')]
whenever I try to run the command. Is this something I did wrong?
This is my command
python3 ARCHETYPE/sql_svc:M3g4c0rp123@ -windows-auth

Well it’s good to know I may have started a trend… I downloaded and reinstalled Impacket to get it working after some arguments with it. Your command is the exact same as I have used.

Something I might suggest for us n00bs, I have a few Kali machines in different states / versions running. When I simply can’t get something to work on one machine, I try it on another and it often works fine. I figure I ruin the dependencies in some way when I install something else and screw it up for other tools. I have a fairly fresh, ready configured install ready to go for these situations.

If it helps, I rather like a Kali image customised by Z-Security. You may find a lot of the tools already installed, configured and the troubleshooting done for you. I’ve found that to remove a few bricks walls for me whilst I was re-learning my way around Linux (last time I used it, it was on a Pentium 4).

Hope this helps and gets you further on, at least to where I’m totally stuck. Although I’ve had an idea, I’m just waiting for the booze to kick in good n’proper before attempting.

EDIT - this beer tastes of strawberry… that’s just wrong. It’s call delirium. At 8% that is probably about right. Anyone have any ideas why I’m not good at this hacking malarkey? hic!

known issue. You gotta find the lib files for your impacket.
Mine was on /home/user/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/impacket/

Edit your find both lines defining the ctx:

ctx = SSL.Context(SSL.TLSv1_METHOD)

change it to

ctx = SSL.Context(SSL.TLSv1_2_METHOD)

Don’t forget to change both lines where this happens. Save and you’re done.