Starting Point Machine - Archetype

Hello guys,
I was working on Archetype and got stuck at a point , i believe there is no rescue and probably @staff should look into it. I am doing Archetypes and whenever i try to connect through mssqlclient (through python code as mentioned in the official walkthrough) , machine is denying the access and on the other hand , official writeup exploits through this same method. There will be other methods too but i request @staff to please look into it. I have also restarted my vpn and vm but no use.

Here is the snippet:

python3 ARCHETYPE/sql_svc@ -windows-auth
Impacket v0.9.25.dev1+20211027.123255.1dad8f7f - Copyright 2021 SecureAuth Corporation

[*] Encryption required, switching to TLS
[-] ERROR(ARCHETYPE): Line 1: Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Integrated authentication.

If i am wrong then kindly pardon me as i am still new here.
Anyone who has any solution then please do share. Thanks

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you can put the password on this command line
python3 ARCHETYPE/sql_svc:M3g4c0rp123@ -windows-auth
worked to me

hope today you already completed this rom…

I had the same issue /usr/bin/impacket-mssqlclient sql_svc:M3g4c0rp123@ -windows-auth Hope this helps