[HTB-Worker]Finding the ip adress of *******.htb

I’m struggling with finding the ip address of ******.htb.
All the writeups tell to add it into /etc/hosts.
But I don’t know which ip to add.

I’ve tried to add worker.htb to /etc/hosts and resolve ******.htb via worker.htb without success.

Also, I’ve looked the folowing post But nothing helped: HTB-Worker - Machines - Hack The Box :: Forums

So how can I find the ip of *******.htb?

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Some points.

  • HTB boxes only have one external IP address in the 10.10.10.x range. They may have internal linked addresses but they all sit on an individual IP address (note, challenges, endgames, prolabs, fortresses etc may be different).
  • Editing your hosts file to reflect the various hostnames you want to use to access that IP address is the correct way to do it. When you say “without success”, what do you mean?
  • In the post you reference, the reply says:
  1. There is a thread for questions on Worker - Official Worker Discussion - Machines - Hack The Box :: Forums. It generally helps to read it before posting just in case your problems have already been asked. Starting new threads makes it quite chaotic for people to find things on the forums.
  • When you say “all the writeups”, this is (at the time of writing) an active box. There shouldn’t be write ups for it.

So, to repeat the advice given in other threads:

  • You should ask questions in the thread for the box. That gives the greatest chance of getting a correct answer.
  • You need to add the IP to your hosts file, then your browser can resolve it. There is no other IP address to look for.