HTB connections are ridiculous

Someone explain to me why every time I want to connect to the “competitive” machine I have to redownload the vpn file regardless of whether the box has changed or not. Also when dealing with this problem I get another issue where if I attempt to connect with the older file I will end up receiving 2 connections, one to the normal machines as well as one to the competitive machine, but will not actually be able to connect to any machine. and these 2 connections will persist for about half an hour after killing my vm… idk it sucks.

Yeah, I would be frustrated too. Can you make sure the Competitive Connection is the most up-to-date including your Normal lab connection VPN. Also, if anything, Erase all from machine. Start over with downloading both connections. That will certainly guarantee you have the latest versions. Lastly, just make sure when you are finished using the normal labs, properly disconnect or close the VPN connection associated with that environment. This ensures a clean exit from the normal labs environment. By following this sequence, you should be able to switch between the normal labs and competitive environments without encountering issues with multiple connections or being unable to connect. If the problem still happening, I would reach out to HTB support. Doesn’t hurt plus you will learn something new on why it keeps happening.

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Appreciate the reply… if problem persists I will return. If I don’t return… thank you :slight_smile:

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It seems there are issues with connecting to the “competitive” machine using the VPN. You have to redownload the VPN file each time, and using an older file results in multiple connections but no actual access to any machine. These connections persist even after killing the VM, causing frustration. It’s likely a problem with VPN settings or network configurations that need addressing. There was the same issue with me i searched alot and find this solution on a website and it finally worked.