How do I connect as it keeps saying the same thing

Just bought the vip+ but found myself cannot connect anymore

the vpn is green but it keeps asking me to kill the active machine in order for me to spawn another.

first of all the active one is already completed and not sure why its still active - and where is the button to kill the process anyway?

can someone help as the support function is super hard to find and I am just not sure why we need 3 sets of log in for Htb/academy/forum - are they not same company?

Totally agree, both about the confusing UI/UX and the 3 sets of login credentials. As for the active instance, you can click on “Connect to HTB” (the red button on the top right of the HTB (main platform) page. Then click “Machines” in the popup. Then you’ll see your instance and can click “Terminate connection” (might be some different text).

As for why there are 3 sets of credentials, here’s my opinion:

  • The company started with the main platform, but management decided it’d be a good product to have an Academy too, and charge for it as well. Makes sense ofc from a business point of view. But they made it a “separate” platform to make the separation more clear and to be able to charge equally to the main platform. If it was on the main platform it’d be harder to justify charging people double the money :smiley:.
  • The forum is based on existing software IIRC, some 3rd party that lets you spin up forums and have your own space.

yah here is the thing - i can connect to HTB then to the active session
but then the machine isnt spawned - so i cannot kill it
if i click on the green button to spawn the machine - it says i need to kill the active machine first

so no way out it seems.

I’m not quite following - which “machine” are you referring to? The target machine you spin up? Or your Pwnbox?

Which green button? You say “the machine” isn’t spawning, but at the same time you say you do get an active session.

The more information you provide, and the better you format your message, the better people can help you.

Let me try again.
So HTB says I have an active machine session(top left corner) and in the meantime the machine isnt spawned so I cannot terminate the session…

anyway I should hv done a screenshot.

Now the active session is gone and I am trying to start from scratch again. but current issue is that I cannot connect to any of the openvpn servers (US/EU/Normal/VIP) -

You probably have another machine running somewhere in HTB. This happened to me and I found one running in the Seasonal Challenges, which DOES NOT appear as an active machine session in the “Connect to HTB” dropdown in the top right of the screen. After I terminated it, I was able to spawn the new machine. Hope that helps!