SSH Problem

Hello friends,
I am slowly despairing. I’ve been active on HTB Academy for over 6 months and have never had any problems with ssh connecting to the labs. I use my own Attacker machine.

For a few days, however, I can no longer connect to a service on the HTB using ssh. No matter which lab. I always get the answer: Connection closed by HTB_IP port 22. But it works with the HTB Pawn-Virtual-Machine.

I checked the following:

  • VPN connection ok
  • Trace route ok
  • PING ok
  • Disable Firewall
  • new installed ssh service on linux

Please, if anyone has an idea, I would be very grateful.

contact the support.

I contacted the support, by they said the Problem is by my side. They dont have a Hint to solve that issue

Tried reinstalling your VM?

I dont use a VM

i could try to help. if you want to talk on discord shoot me your discord