HTB Academy account's email address updated without verifying the new email address

I have an HTB account with this mail ID (ie: [] and I have registered for the HTB academy (URL: with same mail ID. Yesterday I try to update my mail ID with my college mail ID (ie: but the mail is suspended by the college server and I’m not able to receive any email verification link. But if I tried to go back login with my previous mail (ie: to the HTB academy that email is also not working.
Kindly assist to find some solution.

Hey R44Z. Your best option is to reach out to HTB support. On the Academy login page there should be a green chat bubble in the lower right hand corner. You can contact them there.

Hi, I sent mail to, but didn’t got any reply yet. Also the green bubble chat at the corner is not able to understand the problem. No option to get in touch with any agent to explain the issue.

Thanks, I recovered my account now.

This is one of the most aggravating issues, especially when most people dont have all the time in the world. If support cannot be available, then why don’t they just say that. I had an ETA of 20 minutes earlier, but an hour until I got a response.

  • Answer to question:

    For some reason, a website dedicated to teaching pentesting, decided it was a good idea to have a chat box that doesn't work properly if you have your settings correct for privacy in whatever browser. If you have any kind of content/Ad blocking it will mess up the Support's chatbox. Why? Who knows.