My HTB Accounts are lost?!

Hello HTB Community,

today the “One account to rule them all” update has been released and I read through the articles inside the help center.
I have had a HTB app account and a HTB academy account for a while now but with the latest change I always get the message that the Credentials don’t match with any records.
I created a new HTB account in order to link it to my app and academy accounts but I just got the same error again.

This is especially sad since I’m currently working on my certification but the account with voucher and my module progress is now lost apparently :frowning:

FYI: I do use a password manager so there is no problem with the username / password on my end.

I hope someone can relate and help me with this issue.

Kind regards,


Hello again HTB Community,

last week the “One account to rule them all” update was released and I had some troubles logging into my accounts.

This is fixed now! :slight_smile:

After I reset my password on the HTB lab / app account I could login again.
Then I went to my profile and clicked “Manage HTB Account” and viewed the HTB Account dashboard. I could see that my lab and academy account were already linked there and I could login to the academy platform with my HTB Account credentials again and all my progress is still there.

You can see this issue as “RESOLVED”.

Kind regards,

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