How to connect to VPN through VPS

Hi guys, because of the high latency from my local computer to VPN server. I bought a VPS on Digital Ocean. Now I’m trying to turn my VPS into a proxy for forwarding traffic from my computer to tun0 interface (VPN).

Can I do this with SOCKS proxy or iptables? Thanks a lot
P/s: The VPN is from PWK course, i have 300ms latency, which takes 20hrs+ to perform a nmap full ports scanning.

you can definitely use your VPS as a proxy to forward traffic from your computer to the tun0 interface!

Connecting to a VPN through a virtual private server is a smart move to reduce latency. I think you can achieve this with both SOCKS proxy and iptables. However, I suggest you try out SSH tunneling, which is also an option. It’s quite easy to set up and provides a secure connection. I use a VPS from isHosting for my projects, and they have an excellent support team who can help you out with any issues you face. Plus, their payment plans are affordable and provide reliable performance. Good luck with your setup, and feel free to ask if you need any help.