VPN Question

Hey all, this is actually my first post here and i’m very new to this platform. I also searched quite extensively for an answer to this question before posting as to not waste anyone’s time.

My concern is that my public IP address is still visible after to connecting to the HTB network over OpenVPN. Yes, I do know that this would be a split tunnel VPN situation and traffic meant for HTB will be routed through their tunnel, but I still dont want my ISP banning me for running nmap and other attacks on my targets in the starting point labs which I imagine would be through my own connection.

My question is, can I run a private VPN, such as Surfshark, on top of the HTB Open VPN connection? My PC is set up in a way that I use VirtualBox with a Kali Linux distro over my Windows 10, which makes me wonder if I should set up the surfshark application on my host OS or if I should install it right into my Kali virtualbox.


The machines in starting point, the machines in the lab could be reached only via the VPN. Your provider will not see the machines inside the internal net of HTB. Your nmap scans and attacks to machines with IP numbers inside the HTB network are not visible for your ISP.

The challenges uses often public IP number. The connection to the docker containers of challenges are possible without VPN. This connections are visible for your ISP. You can use your private VPN to connect to the docker container of challenges if you wan’t to hide the connection.

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Great, thanks!