Footprinting - IMAP/POP3

Can someone help? I have located the emails, the fetch option is what I am having an issue with as I get an error when I try to fetch the email for viewing. Maybe I am missing a step?

Did you end up figuring it out?

This resource helped me out.

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Hey did you get it? can you help me im stuck in the same position

No, I couldn’t. I passed this lab, I’m going to look it again. If you find any hints please help me.

Hey bro can you help? I got 2 mailboxes one named “dev” one “inbox” if i: tag list “dev” “" i get back tag OK list completed… if i go for tag list “inbox” "” i get back * List (\hasNoChildren) “.” INBOX what does that mean?

Hey bro can you help me please im hard stuck scince 2 days but i wont give up

i got it bro. Its Case Sensetive you have to write it large. DEV.DEPARTMENT.INT

Hi, I have tried all my best I cant find ways around it. It shows 0 email in the INBOX. I don’t know what to do. can you guide me please

Yes this helped me just now. There is no way I could get this without it. Now I found the email working on the flag. Thanks so much for this.

This resource is the place you can find the right command to use. Thanks, @x00pengu

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What is the username and password for imap login via ssl?

Read the section content again, to the very end:)

Hi, I am stuck on What is the customized version of the POP3 server?
Have you solved this question?
I resolved other question, but I do not know answer this question…

Thank you for your advice.
I answered this question and got the correct answer.

Same, done all the questions except this one. I even tried the pop3 version ( v9.XXX) that we can fetch from curl command but it does not work. Pretty sure I am missing something very basic here. Gimme a Nudge


Use the openssl command for this with pop3s at the end. Scroll down to the bottom to get the customized version. Hope this helps.

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I’m stuck in the same place. I’ve answered all of the other questions for this section except for this one.

I figured it out. @heros123h provided the hint.

Thanks. How did you get RFC822?

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