Academy - Footprinting -SMTP

Any hints on the username for the final SMTP question? Can’t get it whatever I try.

Again, ignore me…got it sorted, though not using a technique in the module…:slight_smile:

Me too. Hope someone tells us if its possible with nmap.

Hi @sirius3000,

Can you please give me a hint on how to solve this problem?

Have you used the footprinting wordlist under the resources section for this module?

Yea, I have got the answer by enumerating manually.

I tried with smtp-user-enum to automate the process. However, it did not work. So I was wondering what technique or tool you have used other than what’s listed in the module.

It would be really helpful if you share your process.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think I used the auxiliary/scanner/smtp/smtp_enum Metasploit module with the provided wordlist.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

The last question I solved with the Metasploit module auxiliary/scanner/smtp/smtp_enum, but I also solved it with the “smtp-user-enum” tool and the wordlist passed by HTB Academy. In the results shown by the “smtp-user-enum” tool it is important to look at the response codes next to each name. The theory says that code 252 indicates that a name is valid.

I was able to get this pretty quickly with metasploit, however when running the same wordlist with smtp-user-enum I can’t seem to get the same results. Is there a flag or something else I am missing perhaps?

smtp-user-enum -M VRFY -U footprinting-wordlist.txt -t -v

Some servers need a little more time to respond.

i got the user “robin” using metasploit… but which other possible way to try this ?

You should blur or remove the spoiler of the name you found from your post. From what it looks like from the posts above you should be able to use smtp-user-enum as well, however I can’t seem to get it to work. I did the same as you and used metasploit.

Can please anybody help me, with the “provided wordlist” is it a special file just for this HTB Academy module or is it some well known or already existing withing parrot os?

As far as I remember it’s just for this module…

Thanks got it :slight_smile: