Penetration tester - footprinting - imap / pop3

Hi all,

New to the forum and relatively new to HTB academy, hoping the way I have asked for help is acceptable.

I am currently working on the penetration tester path and I am on the footprinting module. Specifically I am working on the IMAP / POP3 section.

I am trying to answer this question:

What is the admin email address?

But failing miserably, I have tried using all of the commands provided in the content for this section but nothing none of the commands seem relevant to this question.

Also, I notice there is no hint button.

Can I please ask for some hints / tips to get me moving as I have been sat here struggling for a while now and I am keen to progress on through the module.

Many thanks

Hi again,

I have actually managed to resolve this.

I connected and authenticated to the IMAP server with openssl using the login details provided on the module page.

Once authenticated, I used several IMAP commands to locate the email in question which reveals the admin email address and password.

Many thanks

hey i’m having trouble with this one. i’ve connected to the imap using openssl command. used some commands, nothing in the INBOX, can you please point me in the right direction

If my memory is correct, it is in another mailbox. IMAP allows multiple mailboxes besides the INBOX. Make sure you examine everyone.

thanks i figure it out! i needed to fetch the body :slight_smile: