Footprinting - IMAP/POP3

Any0one got a hint for finding the admin email address…hit a brick wall here :flushed: :flushed:

Did you find the solution?

Yes I did…you stuck?

No, I’m not.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Anything that would help to get the last flag? There are just two mailboxes and one email with no flag for me :frowning:

You sure you’re reading the complete email with the correct IMAP commands? IMAP Commands - Atmail email experts - IMAP tutorial - What is IMAP?


Thank you. I assumed that htb provided all the commands that I needed… Seems they want to make us waste sometime researching.


Yes. I think the reality is that doing the job in the real world requires quite a lot of independent research…perhaps they’re including preparation for that in the teaching material too…


Any hint? i’m stuck on the last two questions

Which questions? One the Imap/Pop3 section or on the Skills Assessment?

Sorry, the last two question in imap/pop3 section

Make sure you use the correct IMAP commands and that you retrieve the whole email…not just the headers…


In the theory there is a section “IMAP Commands” where it is indicated which command you have to execute to retrieve the data associated to a message. The problem is that this command shows you only a part of the message and not the whole message. See the link that @sirius3000 passed there is an IMAP command that shows you the complete message and will allow you to solve the last two questions.

I also found this useful after looking at the blog posted here.
IMAP Protocol Crib Sheet


That’s very handy thank you :+1::+1:

Well said :slight_smile:

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@sirius3000 You’re a saint, Thank you

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Bro, please can you help… i’m at the at question of IMAP … i can’t login the mail using the credential provided with command LOGIN user pass

Bro, how where you able to login into the mail box… ? please i need help

What message are you getting when you try to log in?