Footprinting - IMAP/POP3

Is solved!!!

I tried login into a user account… using the command LOGIN username password
it refused…
i finally logged in using the command TAG LOGIN username password


Hey all, how did you locate the login credentials for the last question to enable you to login to the IMAP server?

follow this list

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Thanks, but I’ve already tried that list from previous post suggestions, hence the question on where to find creds…

I get one of the following error messages:

A1 NO [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed.


A1 BAD Error in IMAP command received by server.

Are we expected to bruteforce the credentials using the “A1 LOGIN username password” command?

Apologies if it’s obvious, but I’ve hit a brick wall with this currently :frowning:

Doesn’t it tell you which creds to use at the end of that section? It was a while ago that I did it but I just re-read that section and the creds are there on the page…

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Thanks so much! Completed - And now off to Specsavers to have my eyesight tested!!! :slight_smile:


I had a hard time on this section. For those of you that are stuck on the last two questions - Make sure you are using openssl or ncat to connect to the target. once you are connect use the commands to login(the login is given to you) and list the mailboxes and you will be on you way :slight_smile:


I am stuck on this lab. I have been able to find all the answer except for: What is the admin email address?
I have followed along with the site that is recommended here for IMAP commands and still cannot figure out where to find it. I was able to locate the flag within the email body but cannot find the admin address.

The admin address should be in the email that the flag is in…

Well I manage to connect through IMAP, but the inbox is empty and when I try to enter on Dev I get this:

1 NO Mailbox doesn't exist: DEV (0.001 + 0.000 secs).

Hi. I’ve been stuck with choosing the mailboxes. It does appear in the list, but it cannot be selected. Did you solve this question?

Hello, I need some hints guys. I’ve been stuck :confused:

  • I’ve connected to the IMAP with openssl and logged in with the provided user in the module.
  • I’ve listed the folders and noticed DEV, DEV.DEPARTMENT, DEV.DEPARTMENT.INT and INBOX.
  • I think the INBOX folder that we should look. I’ve selected it but it is empty:
* FLAGS (\Answered \Flagged \Deleted \Seen \Draft)
* OK [PERMANENTFLAGS ()] Read-only mailbox.
* OK [UIDVALIDITY 1636414280] UIDs valid
* OK [UIDNEXT 1] Predicted next UID

I was expecting some emails in INBOX folder. But it was empty! What I am missing?

Hey, did you solve it?

Yea. Look for an inbox that contains an email. Just keep looking, you are so close

this page can be usefull, for learn to read emails.

so much easier with evolution client… HackTheBox - Chaos - YouTube


Thanks for everyone’s help. All of the guide’s i’ve come across don’t have any good examples of how to read emails - really rubbish documentation, some clear examples would be extremely helpful!


thanks every one
Pcod kya hai?

Check all of the “Inboxes”. You will find that one of them has mail in it. Don’t Forget to Create a box as well.