Does anybody else have every windows box go unresponsive every 2-3 minutes?

I’ve had this problem since day one. I’m on US-VIP-22, and anytime I start a windows box, it randomly stops responding. It doesn’t respond to pings or shell commands. However, the shell isn’t lost when it eventually comes back (it usually does, 10% of the time it drops the shell). The website shows the machine is up. I moved to doing only Linux boxes, and I’ve completed about 30 of those, so it’s not my connection. This has happens on over 8 of the Windows boxes I’ve started so far. All this happens even before I do anything other than ping. I’ve confirmed on the boxes I’ve gotten System on that no other users are logged in. It happens even when the box is just started so not likely other users are flooding them. I’ve contacted support 3 times now with only “We’re working on it” replies. I’m super willing to pay more if they just need more resources for more RAM or whatever for these windows boxes need (or maybe they just need Linux!).

I recorded my up/downtimes at the end of Chatterbox today so we can all share my pain.

:30 up
3:07 down
:21 up
5:20 down
:42 up
2:34 down
:59 up
3:12 down
:35 up
2:28 down
:40 up
13:00 down , pings responsive now, but shell is gone

Any help would be appreciated. I’m willing to do anything to help as well.

Correction: It IS a vpn issue. Removing all tunnels and taps (including the down ones), and reinstalling a sole instance of openvpn solved the issue.

Thanks for everyone that helped solve this issue for me, you made it fun again !

I’d still love to know how it could only be Windows boxes and intermittent on those timescales instead of just dead/dropped connections, but hey , that’s computers.