Could not connect to Redis server in Starting Point Redeemer machine

Hello, I am currently trying out the Starting Point. I am on the Redeemer Machine right now. I have a problem connecting to the machine using the command

redis-cli -h {host-ip} -p {port-number}

After executing the commands it just stuck like that without doing anything else. Do I need to do something else before doing this?

Thank you.

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I was able to connect inside the Redis server after waiting for a long time. Then I need to execute the command INFO to get the Redis server information then a new problem raises the terminal is returning an error Error: recv timeout.

If anyone have an idea on this please help will be much appreciated, I am just a newbie practicing to transition in CyberSecurity.

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For additional information about my error, I am using the nmap nse script redis-info. After debugging if the error inside the script is

6379/tcp open  redis   syn-ack
| redis-info: 
|_  ERROR: Failed to receive data from server

Iā€™m experiencing a similar issue. I suspect we might be missing part of the process.
EDIT: Disable your VPN. Worked for me.

Hey, could you elaborate a bit on how you got it to work? Did you disable openvpn? Did you disable it while you were connected?

since redis-cli uses TCP connection if you connect via the UDP version of the VPN it does not work. keep this in mind for future TCP related exploits!