[Redeemer] cannot connect to website from Kali VM


I have just started going through the starting point machines. I am currently on Redeemer and cannot view the http webpage, despite being able to ping and preform a nmap scan of the IP. I am connected through the starting point VPN using openvpn. When I looked up how to resolve this issue, I came across a few solutions, but they didn’t work for me at all.

Things I have tried doing:
-restarting my Kali VM/ resetting the target machine

  • setting a path in /etc/hosts to the .htb website path.
    -made sure that my starting point vpn is the only vpn running
    -switching my vpn file from UDP to TCP

Is there anything else that I haven’t done that I could do to remedy this issue?
If these help at all, here is the pings/traceroute:

Redeemer doesn’t seem to have a website only a database on port ***9.
Did you find port 80 or 443 when you did your nmap scan?

I was able to find a website on port 80 with my nmap scan. After coming back to it I realized what I was doing wrong-- the “having trouble finding that page” was intentional and wasn’t an issue with my VM. Reading up on website enumeration is important. Thank you for helping me try to figure this out!