I today pay VIP, I would like pwn again Canape, why can’t I access?. Is there anyone with access to that machine?

In the VIP section I see the number 97, where is the 97 machines? Thank you

Hi there,

It seems you’re trying to access a machine that is retired, but isn’t listed in the “VIP” section of Hack The Box.

You can still access this box, however, with the new Beta version of VIP. Here are some instructions for downloading the connection pack that will allow you to access the “Canape” box (or any other retired box for the matter).

Note: Keep in mind, using the Beta VPN connection will not allow you to connect to active boxes (as of yet).

Steps for access:

  1. Select the “Access” tab (located at Login :: Hack The Box :: Penetration Testing Labs)

  2. Switch to “US VIP Access” or “EU VIP Access” (dependent on your region).

  3. Download your connection pack per usual

  4. Run your OpenVPN file (in your case, x4t4n4x.ovpn)

  5. Connect to any VIP box you like!

Hopefully this helps, and happy hacking :slight_smile:

I had not realized that, I’ll keep in mind. Thanks for your help

I’m nearly at root. when running s*** containing a python shell from PentestMonkey I see:

No files/directories in /tmp/pip-Vn0S1I-build/pip-egg-info (from PKG-INFO)

I attempted to install updates to get this to work, it didn’t work

Any advice? ping me for more details.