can't access retired machine

I have a VIP account ,but i can’t access retired machine ,like Monteverde. how should i do?

Hey man,

First you need to know that for the VIP machines, you need a different connection pack, so go to Login :: Hack The Box :: Penetration Testing Labs
download you ‘HTB Lab Access’ vip-connection pack and connect to the VPN

Secondly: you have to explicitly turn on a machine (if it’s not on), so click the ‘click to start’ button to boot a machine (it may take a few minutes before you can ping it)

If that doesn’t work, make sure that if you run the openvpn, you get the message ‘initialization complete’ or something like that to make sure you were actually able to connect to the vpn.

If all those things don’t work, then probably best to ask support… after all: you payed for it.

Thanks ,It works

Nice :slight_smile: