BigHead write-up by limbernie

32-bit exploit development with egghunter.

Nice writeup

Thank you sir.

very good writeup, just one thing about stage1, you copied/pasted 3 times. Do a loop.

Lol. You caught me there.

Nice write-up buddy.
Thanks for putting your energy into it.

I’m sure you didn’t do it with ill intent…
But I’d prefer it if you didn’t watermark screenshots of the content I spent time creating with your own copywrite notice.
I don’t want to be accused of using your copywrite online when i authored and released the content on that box under creative commons and granted HTB the rights to host and distribute it while it was an active challenge.

Thanks for spending your time on it by the way.

Kindest regards,


Ps. This is a repost of the disqus comment i put on your blog.

Thank you for your kind words. And because BigHead was such an amazing box, it’s a request I can easily accede to. To be honest, I dislike splashing copyright notices over every single screenshot if not for certain sites copying verbatim the write-ups, passing on as their own without crediting.

I’ll remove the copyright notices from this write-up and future ones in the spirit of “sharing is caring”. :wink:

Once again, amazing box. I enjoyed it a lot.


Thanks buddy,

Glad you enjoyed BigHead.


Have read write up and praised myself for not getting involved in it.
Write up is like a dissertation for an academic title,
How many days did you spend to pass this box?))

I failed at my first attempt. Left it alone for a few weeks to clear my big head. Yeah, too many days to count…

and here the noob comes… for some reason I can’t get a meterpreter shell at all, it works only with netcat for me.