BigHead - Official Walkthrough From The Author

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay since BigHead was retired. I was busy this weekend mostly.

Thanks to everyone who lost sleep, poured their blood sweat and tears over this box I made. Those who completed it, I hope you all got something out of it. Those who found it a bit difficult, here is the official guide as I imagined people may solve this machine.

A bit of background…
Not long before I started working on developing this box, I had just passed the OSCE exam and thought it would be cool to create a box that might give the community a place to practice some of the tools and techniques I had found in necessary to learn in order to pass it.

I just wanted to let you all know that my main goal with this was to allow people to practice these things even if they can’t afford to shell out for the CTP course just yet.

And yes… a little bit of trolling for the internet points hunters too :smiley:
I love you all.