Valentine writeup

As promised, 1 day later - Valentine blog / writeup. Any feedback is greatly appreciated :).

Feels like ippsec’s video in text.

Don’t know if that’s a compliment or an accusation of copying ippsec (which I did not). I just skimmed through his video now and I agree that his approach is similar. I had this blog written for past 2 days though, before his video even got released. Published it today because of HTB’s guidelines for posting when a machine gets retired.

Its more of a compliment really, @V3ded

Then that’s a big thank you from me. Sorry for jumping on the offensive <3. People rarely compliment nowadays… @pzylence


Yeah, well done, this is great. Clear, to the point, and well written. +1 from me.

Thank you both!

Well done and explained. Got a preference for Text WriteUp like you did. Hope that more will follow !

If Silo is retiring next (I think it is), I can push it out within next 2 weeks. Hopefully. Thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback o/. @CrazyFragzzz