Academy - Windows Fundamentals - Firewall Rule

In the section “NTFS vs Share Permissions”, in the following question:

“What is the exact name of the predefined firewall rule that must be enabled to connect to the share from the Pwnbox? ( Format: Name of firewall rule () )”

I have tried entering the firewall rule I suspect to be the answer (from the port which the service in question uses) in the following format (where * are the undisclosed alphanumeric characters of the firewall rule):

****** ******* - **** **** ()

But it does not accept the answer. I have tried some formatting variations of the same firewall rule, but with no success. Example of such variation:

****** ******* - **** **** (***-**)

****** ******* ()

What is wrong with my answer? Am I getting the formatting wrong? Is it the firewall rule that I am getting wrong (it is an inbound rule, by the way)?

Please, send help.

Update: Nevermind, I found out the rule, and it is a different rule. A helpful clarification is that the parenthesis are not empty.

Hello, I have tried many rules, I still couldn’t get the correct answer of this question. Could you give me another hint ?

I am same

This question and the SDI I won’t let me move on

This is Case Sensitive i have completed this answer

Hint :- 3 Letters