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switched VPN from US3 to EU2 and solved my connection issues. got the two hosts right after. what i was doing was right but the connection was ■■■■, that was all.

Cannot solve the blog flag question because metasploit on foothold machine is not loading the exploit.

I have placed it here ~/.msf4/modules/exploits/50064.rb

Log is printing this error (~/.msf4/logs/framework.log):

[w(0)] core: The module 50064 is ambiguous with 50064.

I also tried:

  • running msfconsole with root and placing exploit on /root/.msf4
  • reproduce the steps of the exploit myself intercepting request with burp and trying to inject the payload

still no luck. pls help

I can’t believe all was a misplacing of the .rb file. However the log message does not help much…

For anybody interested: I needed to create the same folder structure as the path from searchsploit “php/webapps”

Got it :wink: