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hey.i wanna use this exploit (Lightweight facebook-styled blog 1.3) from exploitdb and when i use this with metasploit it gives me this error(exploit failed no methoderror undefined method split for nilclass).i got stuck and searched a lot but found nothing.thanks for help


You are on the right path. Look closer at the Options

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i also comment this line

token = res.body.split('":"')[1].split('"')[0]

and use this line

token = res.to_s.scan(/"[abcdef0-9]{10}"}/)[0].to_s.tr('"}', '')

but it can not get CSRF token.i also added sleep but it doesnt work.and i could not find timeout syntax for this

res = send_request_cgi(
      'method'    => 'GET',
      'uri'       => normalize_uri(target_uri.path),

can you help me bro please?

You don’t have to edit the payload, not needed. Review the payload Options in Metasploit.


Text me!
I will support you, I exploited it manually.

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oh my god.im idiot.thank you bro.love you

you’re welcome

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Definitely the options are key :wink:
I answered all questions now but the one that need to craft a specific payload for the previous host.

which question in live engagement you could not ask?

this question: Exploit the target and gain a shell session. Submit the name of the folder located in C:\Shares\ (Format: all lower case)

i remember it has 2 path for gain a shell.1 you can use the target with 8080 port and upload a (.war)file .another is you can use port 80 and upload a web shell.try it yourself and if you need more help i am here :slight_smile:

Yeap, first I tried uploading to the app on port 80, no luck. now I am trying via WAR file in port 8080. When I access the app after deploying the war, I got error from tomcat. still trying here…:slight_smile: That;s the only question I didn’t get…

on port 80 testing you should use burp
on port 8080 you should get help from this site

I got the answer using a shell in port 80 (no burp required) :slight_smile:
I wonder, how it would be via war file

cool.did you see the link i shared? :slight_smile:

Yes, I have it in my bookmarks. By the way, I managed to exploit in port 8080 as well \o/

your welcome :slight_smile:

I have the same problem and get stuck. The metasploit framework gives me the following error (exploit failed no methoderror undefined method split for nilclass). I set the RHOST und RHOSTS to the Host-02 address (blog.inlanefreight.local) and used the username and password from the file. The listen Port is 4444. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for help

learn about VHOST

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Thanks :slight_smile: .

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