About choosing a university

Hello HackTheBox Family. Firstly, I’m opening this post because I really need to exchange ideas. i want to specialize in cybersecurity and become a penetration tester. I have 2 options. I’ll leave your lessons at the bottom, and I’d appreciate it if you could review it and give me your opinion.

Information Security: Here is study plan ; Information Security - FIT CTU

Information Systems and Cyber Security study plan ; Information Systems and Cyber Security

Thanks in advance (I don’t know if it’s forbidden to share links, but I don’t have any advertising purposes. The links are the sites of the university)

@batur1 personally I would go with “Information Systems and Cyber Security study plan”.

Do a pro/con on both options. That should guide your decision.

Best of luck in your studies and career.

Have a blessed weekend.

Thank you! what do you think is the downside of cybersecurity study plan?

None really. Info Sys & Cyber Sec study plan seems to be broader or detailed.