Preparing for my future (Input would be nice!)

I’ll make this one quick. I am in my last year of high-school and I am taking a Cyber Security course that will get me a CompTIA A+ Cert and the Security+ Cert. Meanwhile, I can take the course for the Network+ Cert outside of the classroom. I am also trying my hardest to work on some boxes on here while doing school. I plan on going to University for CybSec and I would like to have my career focused around it as well. Do you think this is a good way to prepare for my future? Once again, all input is appreciated!


Sorry if this is not in the right section.

There are two areas in Info Sec, defensive and offensive.

What is being done here is offensive security, exams in it are OSCP and similar. Basically you have to hack to know what to patch.

Then you have defensive security, exams in it are the ones you mentioned and others “CISA, CISSP…etc”. In this area you focus on the monitoring of the network and applying correct policies and network design to reduce the amount of attacks, or the damage in case one happens.

Generally you’ll have to work in both, with a focus on one.

Pick the area you want to work in, start learning it, and aim for it’s certifications.

IMHO offensive security is more difficult, hence the competition will be less as not as many people can get those certifications.