Will HTB give me the tools I need to work in a SOC, and will it cover certs?

I just found hack the box, and looking through the site, it seems like it’s a course that gives you all the skills you need to work in an SOC? That’s what I’m looking to learn and I wanted to double check before I dove in here.

And if so, is there anything I should be careful to do or watch out for? And will I learn what certifications I’ll need along the way?

HTB in my opinion has all-in-one deal, especially because it gives you other links where you can learn more stuff so they didn’t make it to be focused on them, but more on knowledge. I suggest that you start with a HTB academy module “Starting point”.

it has three fields that you can learn such as offensive, defensive and general. It has paths which is essentially like mastering a certain topic. And 2 certs like Pentester and BB hunter. Maybe they should add something for cybersecurity also but that is just my opinion. Overall great site to grab knowledge and constantly updated