Web Challenges

Hay everyone,

I am trying to start some of the web challenges but am having a slight issue. I start an instance and get given the host : docker.hackthebox.eu and a port: xxxx but I cannot connect to the web application with these settings.

Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong?


Did you tried http://docker.hackthebox.eu:port ?

Instead of typing in the host name (docker.hackthebox.eu), you should type in the IP address. You can get it by DNS lookup.
This normally works for me. (However this evening I stopped being able to access Lernaean)

I am unable to start then also, please guide

Tried all the options you said but unable to access

@laukik sorry for the late reply mate, the issue for me turned out to be my firewall

How do I see if im blocking the port? and how do i stop blocking the port? XD
Thanks in advance!