I am having some issues. I am unable to access the docker link, does anyone have any sort of solution?
I tried nslookup and got the ip and tried http:/Ip:port but didn’t work for me
P:S Problem solved

It really depends on which challenge you are talking about.

It might be better to ask the question on the thread for the challenge, then people who have completed it, or are at least working on it, will be more able to assist.

In very general terms, when you start the challenge, you should also start the instance. Most of them can be accessed with or without the HTB VPN.

When you have the instance address you can connect to that with your tools - often a browser will work, but not always.

I am not totally sure what you mean by being “Unable to access the docker link” - this could be a firewall issue at your end, network issues, congestion, proxy settings etc. The specific error response is pretty important.

Problem is solved and I am now doing freelancer web challenge