Tryhackme Nmap all ports are in ignore state

Hello, I have a problem with Nmap and tryhackme site.
I was scanning ignite on tryhackme site
when I scan,

All 1000 scanned ports on —.—.—.— are in ignore states.
Not shown : 1000 closed tcp ports (reset).

I’ve searched on web and tried -sV, -Pn, and other additional commands but nothing have worked
do you know why this problem has happed? and hop to solve it?

This is the Hack the Box forum, not the Try Hack Me forum. Maybe try their discord or something.
I would also suggest using their built in browser box, Try Hack Me’s servers over VPN are trash (I think I’ve only ever gotten one to work) if you don’t pay.

Looks like you got blocked for trying multiple times, try with -sS (stealth scan).
Also, for help go to Nmap Enumeration Module in HTB, and go through firewall evasion topics (all of em, 3).
It will definitely help you.