Tips/Tools for documenting Write-ups?


I am working on my presentation skills/Write-ups and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about nice application/tools to use for presenting shell code?

Usually I just screenshot/crop but it would be really nice to find a way of copying/pasting from the writeup into a shell to make it easier to follow along with?

Any ideas much appreciated :slight_smile:


I use Joplin ( to take notes and document write-ups. It’s entirely reliant on markdown/some html to format it, but you can present code in a code block with syntax highlighting.

You can end up with something like this:

If you’re not adverse to learning some markdown you could try it out.

I use Latex and the website Overleaf as editor for all of my documentations and presentations.
If you are new to latex it might be a bit inconvenient at first but I think its worth it to get into it. (Actually its super easy to learn)

For shell code or any commands you could use the verbatim environment of latex and I’m sure there is any stuff to make it look even fancier if you wanted it.

I used to use cherrytree for note talking, but now I’ve moved into directly markdown files in a private git repository.
With markdown you can easily convert into pdf or share in a github pages or gitbook website