[Thief Warning] Write-up Thief Got Busted!

Please do not steal someone else’s HTB write-up! :slight_smile:

People wouldn’t mind if you like to get some references/ideas to create your own write-ups; however, if you are literally COPYing and PASTing someone else’s work, then you are a thief.

Thanks to t3chnocat who caught this unethical write-up thief - Manish Bhardwaj (his website - https://bhardwajmanish.com) and informed me. Manish basically copied and pasted t3chnocat, me and other guys HTB write-ups and posted them in his website as if he created. He even mixed up a couple of our screenshots and words to possibly(?) hide his stealing. But it didn’t work sir.

Below is some examples:

bigb0ss (Original Write-up):

Manish (Stolen Write-up):

And t3chnocat did so smart things on his images hosted in his website :smiley:

t3chnocat (Original Write-up):

Manish (Stolen Write-up):

People spend their precious time to create their own write-ups. Do not steal their write-ups and claim you are teaching ethical hacking courses sir. :slight_smile:

I wrote up a post with screenshots full of proof: Certified Unethical Hacker - Plagiarism Doesn't Pay

What a shame, well done for the little expose @t3chnocat! Hopefully it makes him see sense and re-think repeating it.

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What a shame, well done for the little expose @t3chnocat! Hopefully it makes him see sense and re-think repeating it.

Unfortunately I doubt this will be the case. I just hope that any potential clients of his will see my post so they know that he is NOT the ethical person he passes himself off as and he should not be trusted with anyone’s network.

LOL. The screenshot trick by @t3chnocat is awesome!

Brutal Brooo :lol:

Well done! I’m just concerned about people who attend his lectures…
Very Ethical Hacker though…

Well Done @t3chnocat

Hello @t3chnocat @bigb0ss

Recently I was pointed to this thread regarding my blog bhardwajmanish.com where some of your posts were copied. Actually Most of the write-up of my blogs are written by my students(as their assessment, you can get their LinkedIn id at the bottom of each blog). I get to know about this long back on June 1st and even taken due care of culprit.

Today after reading the thread, I am trying to reach you both. Apologize from my side.That student too is here on HTB but I can’t disclose his handle publicly.