Live machines' writeups were not published at Internet before, but what about now?

Hello everyone, I was active 3 years ago at hackthebox and at that time we cannot find any live machines’ writeups at public Internet. (this was a good situation, sure) After 3 years ago, at these days, I have started to work against machines at HTB and firstly with easy machines. But when I search something about web page used technologies, then I see lots of detailed writeups. I couldnt be sure if I am really working on a live machine or not, but yeah they are really live machines !! Arent there any penalty for publishing these writeups before machines get retired? I am really curious. :frowning: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :cold_sweat: :expressionless:

Maybe someone already asked this question but couldnt find any topic about this situation.

Hey Wainright,

Writeups for active content is against HTB’s Terms of Service. This information can be found on the HTB help site and in the Terms of Service. You can report writeups for HTB to investigate on the Discord using, ++report spoiler <link or links to writeups> in the #bot-commands channel. The message will be auto deleted.

Hopefully, that clears up the confusion.