How to submit a writeup?

I just recently finished Resolute, and as a project for my class I did a writeup on the machine. I’m pretty new here and I’m not sure how to go about submitting these. Must I wait until the machine is retired, and do I need a certain amount of points in order to submit something?



As far as I know, the main place people submit write ups for the live machines is on github here: GitHub - Hackplayers/hackthebox-writeups: Writeups for HacktheBox 'boot2root' machines

If you’ve never used github before, its not the most intuitive… but PM me if you need help.

Oh and make sure you password protect the PDF with the root flag.

You need to wait until the machine is retired before you can submit the write-up. HTB retires a machine every week. Anyone is free to submit a write-up once the machine is retired. The place for submission is the machine’s profile page. Alternatively, if you can’t wait until the machine is retired, you can password-protect your write-up with the root flag like Hackplayers does.

The reason is simple: no spoilers.

Hope this helps.

Thanks I appreciate the insight from both of y’all.
Will wait until box is retired!

but… I can submit the active machines with root has password … right?

Exist any other rule? like format? screenshots? etc …

I Wanted to know whether can i submit active challenge writeup??