Telnet not host

im try get on telnet for get the submit rot but i no can get in i see the post here about do something but i not undertand what him mean to put on subimite root im try for terminal so thats showed up

└─$ sudo telnet
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host

The error message

directs to a network cause, not a special telnet issue.

Try first a ping to the host If the ping works then it will be a special telnet problem. If a ping fails also (Typical the echo service is enables on all HTB boxes. So a ping failure directs into a network trouble.):

  • The VPN tunnel to the hack-the-box network could be down. Check it in the web browser. Check the last output from openvpn.

  • The box could be down. Try to restart the box via the HTB web site.

Why you use sudo to run the telnet command as root? Try a normal start of the telnet program without sudo.

This phenomenon of people just jamming sudo on everything is so bizarre. Yikes.