So i’m working on the Meow machine.
I’ve connected succesfully to the VPN from the CLI.
[2022-06-28 17:44:59 Initialization Sequence Completed]
Then i get to the final question.
I figure out that to capture the flag i need to connect to the machine via Telnet.
So i open up another CLI.
This is what happens.
└──╼ $telnet
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

So i’ve been trying to figure out the solution and i’m not sure what’s happening as i’ve connected to the VPN so i should be able to attack the box right ??

Could anyone suggest a solution to this for me please ??

Thank You.

This problem has been solved after editing the .ovpn file appropriately, Will the forum moderator kindly mark this as solved. Thank you.

were you able to ping the target after you were connected to the syatring point ?
If no, how did you fix it ?