Stuck on Resolute could use a bit of help please

Hello everyone I am stuck on Resolute and need some assistance if possible. This is my overall progress and what i’ve tried so far:

  1. Gained User1 and User2
  2. Was able to get a shell using User2’s creds
  3. Tried using BloodHound to try and get a path to Administrator from User2
  4. Tried using mimikatz to dump creds and Administrator unsuccessful, AV on target machine detected mimikatz and it wouldn’t run.

Now i’m stuck I haven’t really tried using metasploit yet. A little bit of help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Best off reading through some of the hints in the main thread for this machine and posting there if you’re still stuck (or PM someone who’s completed it). I will say though you don’t need to use mimikatz on this one. Take a look at the groups your user is a member of and that gives you a hint what to look at.