A little stuck on Resolute.
I did a enu****** and returned a Account: and passwd is set to *********
I’m just not entirely sure what to do now. snt hasn’t done me anygood, nor has imt since i don’t think that ke**** is the way in.

Any ideas?

did you find any password ?

here is a little hint scan more ports, ports bigger than 5000. the things you need will be there


Scan for ports that are like SSH but for Windows.

Thanks for the help y’all. i do have password and username information.
I’ve scanned all available ports. I have one that’s a D*** but I’m not sure how to connect to it. I’ve tried a listener, and also tried using Ev**-W**

thanks again!

there is another silly rpc on html thing on a high port,
try Busting its dirs

I saw that, Darn thing. Thanks! Merry Christmas all.

how to evade AV my mp session is dying repeatedly :frowning:

owned. pm me 4 hints !

rooted, thanks to @LateComerz