Starting Point SHIELD

I have a quetion, at the walkthrough of the machine at some point is says:
“WordPress is a content management system that can be used to quickly create websites and blogs. Since we have already acquired the password ******* we can try to login to the WordPress site.”
From where we have already acquired the password?

@f5890620 said:
From where we have already acquired the password?

Consider this an active engagement. Each credential you encounter from a previous machine may be useful elsewhere.

Starting Point machines are all interconnected, so it would make sense if you do them in order. A piece of information that you have found in a previous machine would be useful here.

In what order should the machines be done?

@Sh1ftContr0l in order they’re listed in. You start with Archetype, then do all ones from the list, one after the other. If there is a post-exploitation step after you found root.txt that’s the bit that’s going to be useful in the next machine.

Is the fact that they are all interconnected mentioned anywhere?