Unable to login - Starting point Shield

So I’ve just came back to HTB to solve some easy challenges but ran into an issue.

When trying to login (to WP using credentials from previous stage), I keep getting an error that it’s incorrect, I’ve done the previous challenge again to confirm it. I’ve also peeked at the walkthrough to confirm, it’s the exact same credentials.

Any reason why it doesn’t work?
I’ve resolved to bruteforcing it but it’s extremely slow with wpscan and not ideal for such a simple task…

I faced this problem too. Try switching your vpn servers. I was earlier on the EU server. Now I’m on the US.

Im running into the same problem right now and i came here to search for answers only to find no solution to my problem, if anyone knows how to fix this please contact me.

I contacted support previously and they reset the machine, so everything worked fine.
Someone probably changed the users credentials…

Send them a ticket!