starting point machine (shield) with IP: wordpress is down

I need some help, when i try to get the flags on shield machine (starting point), i have some problems whit msfconsole, so i try to load custom 404 page with reserse shell php code, but now worpress dont work, please restart this machine, admins, thanks.

or vote for restart all machines on starting point…thanks community.

what do you mean, there is no shield machine

in starting point, the name of machine is Shield, with IP:

that’s just an example, all active machines are here: Login :: Hack The Box :: Penetration Testing Labs

Starting Point just gives you some basic tips and tells you how to do boxes

i know that this machines in starting points are a guide, but i need to reset the lab because i want to finish all guides machines in starting point, so if you can vote to reset in starting point, i will appreciate so much

You can’t access the machines in starting point, they are all retired. If you try to ping the IP address, you will see that they aren’t even online

Are you connect to vpn?? i can ping this machines and i’m following the guide to hack all of starting point machines hahaha, what are you saying??

i did ping to and i had an answer it’s working…

i’m working on EU server (connection pack), i dont know if this machines are working on USA servers…

i am definitely connected, I’m doing Traceback rn

Im on an EU server too

Maybe start with doing challenges first before you tackle real boxes, they can be prett tough for beginners

(rooted my first one a week ago and it took me 4 days)

how i can put image on this forum??

i have a image with ping to XD

Markdown is supported, you have to post in on imgur and then embed it in markdown,
like ![image]( or smth

see this