Some of my tools that may be of use: NetGazer, WebScout, Sanitizer

Just in case if some of you will find this useful.

NetGazer is a web screen capturing tool. I wrote this due to EyeWitness often crashing. It works faster, less compatibility issues (the tool automates the management of browser drivers that were often problematic with EyeWitness), can accept targets in multiple / mixed formats (CIDR, ip ranges like, URLs, files), and can output in both html and docx format

Sanitizer is a tool for taking all kinds of IP address formats (CIDR, specific 1-255 ranges, URLs, etc) and produce a clean uniform list of addresses.

WebScout is a web server detection tool (can be chained with the Sanitizer quite nicely)

All the tools are here: 5u5urrus (Atom) ยท GitHub

Let me know if you have any criticisms, would appreciate opportunities to improve those tools.