Skills Assigment - Pivoting, Tunneling, and Port Forwarding

I’m stuck in this quetion:
For your next hop enumerate the networks and then utilize a common remote access solution to pivot. Submit the C:\Flag.txt located on the workstation.

I already found the windows server, but i can find the others computers into the network.

Someone can help me? I’m stuck here about 3 days

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Have you tried Ping sweep?

That is what i did:

  1. Connected to webadmin server using a ssh -D 9050
  2. RDP to windows server using proxychains (
  3. Used a “for script”: for /L %i in (1,1,255) do @ping -n 1 -w 200 172.16.5.%i > nul && echo 172.16.5.%i is up.
  4. Found only,
  5. Nmap -sn to with proxychains
  6. Found only, again
  7. Stuck here

Hi everyone!

Please, share what is the workable method to enumerate ports on I have got a meterpreter shell on the Pivot host successfully.
However, I tried to enumerate PORTs using simple proxychain as well as using AutoRoute.
Simple proxychain method returns denied (|S-chain|-<>-<><>-<–denied)

While AutoRoute method returns:

“msf6 post(multi/manage/autoroute) > run
[-] Msf::OptionValidateError The following options failed to validate: SESSION
[*] Post module execution completed”

Are you still stuck?
I think I found an other ip but I can’t connect