Port Forwarding with Windows Netsh

I’m using netsh.exe to create a pivot which is happening correctly as the xfreerdp output says I’m connecting to the DC. It seems to me that the credentials given in the question victor:pass@123 are not correct. I have tried remmina and also used the pwnbox to no avail.

Has anyone completed this and am I missing something?

I’ve exactly the same problem! Since I was not sure whether I was overlooking something or it was a technical issue, yesterday I started a chat with the technical support. After having attempted to reproduce all the steps, the operator wrote me: “I’m having trouble getting the RDP Service to function properly even with the corrected configuration- there might be a secondary issue here”, “I’ll keep the ticket open for now and update it when I have more information”. I received no news since yesterday, and the issue still persists… Part of me is still convinced that I’m missing something; have you made any progress?

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Hello yes the issue was solved by selecting a new VPN server (EU/US ACADEMY 1/2) etc. and generating a new OVPN file. Not sure how or why but that fixed the issue after advice from support.

Thanks for the feedback! I tried that, but it didn’t work. I’ll try again with a different server.

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I’m now having the same issue with the skills assessment I think. Always hard to know if it’s a technical issue or mistake in methodology.

Okay after some sleep appears I actually didn’t specify the domain in the RDP username got it working now.

Someone got this? I am stuck :sleeping: