Service Authentication Brute Forcing - SSH Permission Denied

I find myself stuck in the Service Authentication Brute Forcing section of the Login Brute Forcing module.
I have created the wordlist and used Hydra to get the password, but when I attempt to ssh in I get hit with a message saying Permission denied (publickey).

For reference, this is what I used: ssh b.gates@ip_here -p 22

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

hey I am having same issue did you manage to resolve?

I actually did eventually. I was using the wrong port value. 22 is the default for ssh, which is why they were using it in the examples, but the exercise actually wants to connect to the port specified when you spawn the target.
(For clarity, when the target IP is generated, it shows up in this format Those digits after the colon are the port number for the exercise)


I was doing the same error …

The command needed to brute force the password:

hydra -l b.gates -P william.txt -u -f ssh:// -t 4