HTB Academy - Skills Assessment, Service Login (Hydra)

Hello all,

I am working on the service login assessment and I’m running into an issue where google has been less than useful.
I’ve formulated the syntax to look something like this:
hydra -l *****.txt -p ******.txt -u -f ssh:// -t 4
the ***** lists were generated using username-anarchy and cupp. I ran the commands to shorten the password list as well.
However, when running the command, I keep getting an error that the target does not support password authentication (method reply 4).
When I try to ssh in to the target directly with user@IP or test@IP I get a kickback about a public key. I feel like I recall something about generating public keys for this purpose at some point in my journey, but it has been some time since I’m afraid.

I’m not asking for any real answers, but the slightest clues would be greatly appreciated.